Our STory

Once upon a time, 2009, to be precise, The Duchess of Wisbeach, was born, in a little side street off the main road in Sea Point, Cape Town. It’s owned and run by a team that have had restaurants in Johannesburg for 20 years. It’s everything you would expect from a NYC speak easy or something you might discover in a side street in Paris, with or without Woody Allen’s Picasso, Dali and Hemmingway . It’s nostalgic, discreet, slightly glam and romantic. The intimacy and honesty feel like a by gone era where old fashioned food of the best quality gets served with passion and humor. Porcelain dogs sit on all the tables and intelligent waiters keep a discreet watch over their customers. Service is professional , quick and without pretension.

"A restaurant that attracts the coolest crowd in Cape Town and turns into a fat party once the kitchen closes"



Duchess Decor

The crisp, white interior, which the urbane Craig Kaplan, an architect and designer, had a hand in, is elegant, playful and pleasantly camp: paintings far too large for the room; ornate French mirrors; an enormous cow’s head over the entrance bar, and on every table small porcelain and china dogs of various breed.

Our Family